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  4. We are on a mission to make ‘Made in India’ a hallmark of quality

What is Reevooy

  • Reevooy is the Ultimate Sourcing Platform that connects large Global Brands with the Best Garment Manufacturers in Delhi, Mumbai, Dhaka, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Hyderabad.
  • Reevooy is enabling big global brands in fashion and home décor to buy from India at the click of a button.
  • Reevooy is on a mission to create tech-powered, quality-assured supply chains for fashion and home-décor between India and the world.
  • Reevooy’s integrated tech platform is a one-stop destination for importers to find the right exporters; streamline the production process - from design to final quality checks; and purchase the goods on credit.
At Reevooy,
  • We are on a mission to make ‘Made in India’ a hallmark of quality
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Hop aboard the Reevooy Rocketship. This is a journey that will catapult you high, as we are taking moonshots.
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No Hierarchy
The world is global, the world is flat. So should a company which aspires to be global. We don't believe in massive pyramids for the smallest decisions. You feel in something strongly, go ahead - just do it.
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Amazing Work Culture
Work is fun when you do what you love, with the best of the best
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We don't aim low. Neither should you. We live the mantra "Belive in yourself, and world will believe in you"

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